Personal statement essay

Your personal statement is your chance to get noticed by the members of the application committee. You should definitely take it.
Basically personal statements are of two types: general and specific. General personal statements give you freedom of choosing the topic you would like to write about. On the other hand, specific personal statements require responding to the particular question.

General Rules for writing a good personal statement.

  • Personal statement essayRespond to the question being asked.
  • Each time use different statement for your applications.
  • Tell an engaging story. Do not just state something, but demonstrate it with the help of illustrative examples.
  • Be concrete. Avoid writing empty phrases you cannot support with strong arguments. The sentence ‘I am sure I will make a wonderful lawyer’ will sound at least groundless.
  • Make your personal statement stand out. Write about some experience or fact from your life that is sure to be remembered.
  • Write a strong and impressive introduction. It is your best opportunity to catch the reader’s attention and keep it till the last word of your essay. If you fail’.
  • Share your knowledge. In the body of the essay dwell on your interest and experience in your particular field, as well as some of your knowledge of the field.
  • Conduct a research if necessary. Some schools may ask you to explain why you are choosing theirs among the others. To give a proper and well-grounded answer you should do some research.
  • No clich’es. ‘I want to be a doctor, as I am good at science and I dream of helping other people’ ‘ that is good and we have nothing against it. But what about another thousand of applicants who wrote the same? They should also be admitted, right?
  • Show your good writing skills.
  • Proofread your essay very meticulously. Make sure it is perfect. There should be no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.

Do not exceed the word limit.