Persuasive/argumentative essay

A persuasive essay, or argument essay, proves that one idea is more reasonable than another one with the help of vivid facts and logical evidence. The primary goal of a persuasive argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to adopt a particular point of view or take a certain action.
The argument your choose for your essay should always provide sound logic and solid proof by stating facts, presenting logical reasons, giving illustrative examples, and quoting authoritative sources. Once you choose your persuasive argument essay topic the work has just started.

Developing the plan for your persuasive essay, you should follow these tips:

  1. Choose the angle.Which sides of the issue will you talk about, and what solution are you going to offer? Know the idea of your essay.
  2. Analyze your target readers.Decide if they are likely to agree with you, are neutral, or disagree with your point of view in your essay.
  3. Research your topic.An argumentative essay must provide concrete and compelling evidence. In most cases it’s necessary to go beyond your own expertise and conduct thorough research or get the help of a professional researcher.
  4. Structure your writing.Decide on the evidence you will include and the order you are going to present it.Argumentative essay

Know your persuasive argument essay topic inside out.
Analyze your thesis. The thesis, i.e., argument, should have two sides. It must be arguable. If you can think of a thesis directly controversial to your own, you can be sure that your thesis is debatable.
Refute the contradictory argument. Present contrasting evidence or find weak points and contradictions in the logic of the conflicting argument.
Back your point of view with evidence. Remember that your evidence must appeal to logic.
Distinguish between facts and truths. A ‘truth’ is an idea believed by many people, but we cannot prove it.
Statistics provide excellent support. Ensure that your statistic data are from credible sources. Always remember to cite your sources.
Quotes from the leading professionals that support your position are priceless.
Examples will enforce your argument and meaning making your ideas concrete.